Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Innovative and Unusual Chairs

Hello all, I have finally returned, at least I hope. So to kick things off I thought we would kick back and look at some interesting types of chairs I recently ran across on research for a project.

There were a number of designs similar to this where you can surf the web, watch tv or play games without sharing the screen. This one by Kenneth Lylover has been deemed the surf chair, and the blue does remind me of the waves.

Don't get scared! These monster chairs by Eero Saarinens don't actually bite.

The dual-functioning puppo chair can also be a table with a simple rotation. By Mladen Milosevic and Vuk Dragovic.

Stefan Segmeister is a graphic designer who created more than 200 designs for this chair which can evolve by the flip of the fabric. It's been called the Darwin chair but I think it's suitable for the indecisive and eco-conscious.

This one-of-a-kind oven lounge was created as a design student's project. It's unassuming as an oven and unfolds into a stylish lounge. Maybe my favorite and reminds me of the fridge couch.
The ultimate space saving chair, sheet seat is designed by ufuk keskin. It is only 3/4" thick when flattened. This is like IKEA only there isn't anything to put together.

U-turn bookshelf doubles as seating for reading and a bookcase. I wonder, is it comfortable?

The Lost in Sofa chair by Daisuke Motogi Architecture is a pincushion you lounge in. I certainly wouldn't want to vacuum the crumbs out, but it looks like fun. They have some incredible designs. I encourage you to check out the link.

I am amazed at the innovation and creativity of people all over the world. I hope it sparked some ideas for you.

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