Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Costumes

If you are scrambling for a last minute costume before Saturday night parties or next Wednesday, I have few pretty easy ideas for you fashionistas. 

 Iris Apfel, if you've never heard of her, you really should have, she's one of the most notoriously dressed women in New York, the key is the glasses and the white hair. 
Twiggy, all it takes is some good make up and a little 60's outfit to look like this icon.      

Kate Middleton is always styling, and all you need is a fabulous, if not conservative ensemble and you can get a knock off of her engagement ring at most fashion jewelry stores.

Michelle Obama is an emblem of grace and style, just like Princess Kate all you really need is something first lady worthy and a strand of pearls.

Daisy Buchanan - Great Gatsby is being remade and comes out next year, but who says you need to wait for 1920's fashions. 

Annie Hall - Hello menswear department, hello Annie Hall. 

Bonnie - This look requires a hat, scarf and gun. If you're lucky maybe you can find a partner in crime.

Holly Golightly - This is not so simple as say, Twiggy, but I could easily throw this together in an hour. Black dress, gloves, pearls, tiara and if you can find it, a cigarette holder. 

Well, there are a few ideas, I hope you enjoy your Halloween celebrations. Stay stylish.

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