Saturday, October 13, 2012

Portland's FashioNxt Wrap-up

Not only have I managed to make it to this years week of fashion fabulous-ness, FashioNxt, but I've also had a sneak peak at backstage fashions. Thursday night the line up included Amanda Grisham, Lizz Basinger, Moontess, Raylene Designs, Nelii Millard, and Becky Ross. Here are a few shots I grabbed of the super-secret (except the 50+ people) goings-on back stage. 
Perfecting every last detail to the looks.

Cosmetic artists creating the initial look while a photographer takes photos. 

Hurry up and wait and wait and wait. Poor model.

Having a few laughs: the show staff, models, and designers do a little dancing.

Tonight's line up of Stephanie D. Couture, Silvania, Gordana Gelhausen and Michael Costello will close the festivities. If you can't miss it the exhibits start at 6 and runway seating starts at 8 with a post-show market at 5555 N. Channel Ave. Portland OR 97217. Stay stylish.

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